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Welcome to Colour Energy Works. 

Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing using Natural Therapies and Naturopathic Techniques.

A place of natural light and healing offering bespoke holistic therapy. ColourEnergyWorks seeks to offer physical and energetic healing without the hinderance of being confined to a menu of specific treatments. We are all different and as a client you will be mentored to help you harness the power of the  mind and emotions to bring about your own healing so that you can return to a more natural state of balance and vibrant wellbeing. Pam will give you guidance in a grounded way by advising on proper nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, essences as well as teaching techniques you can take away with you to use in your every day life such as EFT or meditation. She may also give you a physical treatment that may utilise some massage or an energetic rebalance of the chakras and meridians using Reiki or Infinite Balance. No one person can ever heal another. We are all in charge of our own healing. Because of her own health issues Pam has immersed herself in the study of everything she offers in order to first help herself. Now she is passionate about passing this on to others and helping and mentoring them.Her interest and passion at the moment is using the messages from our dreams to help us to understand what is going on in our subconscious mind so that we can bring these insights to our conscious lives thus bring about healing and greater understanding of our purpose here on earth.

We hope for the Colour Energy Works website to become a portal of inspiring and practical information to everyone who desires to learn more about how to bring about their own healing.

Want to learn Reiki, energetic healing techniques or how to make essences? We offer a selection of courses.
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Finding us is easy!
Colour Energy Works is nestled within the beautiful gardens of Tilford Cottage.
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We like to keep things simple by offering a simple pricing scheme.
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