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Exciting! Got my items from the JuiceMaster today. a rebounder, wheatgrass juicer, grow your own wheatgrass kit, Food Matters DVD, and Ken’s yoga DVD. I have already been rebounding after having my wheatgrass shot and a beautiful juice full of living vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and other goodies. I have so much more energy! I will post how I get on with the juicer and growing my own wheatgrass later in the summer.

Check out the Article I have written on Wheatgrass which is a real miracle food. It is readily available and may be the single most important thing you take for nutritional purposes. It can help a multitude of physical ailments.

Juice Retreat Turkey

I have just come back from a week at the JuiceMaster retreat in Turkey. I lived on freshly juiced local organic produce for my time there and in the process lost 10 pounds in weight. We had lots of different activities to exercise the body too. Meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi and other spiritual pursuits were also on the agenda as well as informative DVD’s on food production and advertising in GB and the USA. All in all a great week. I also enjoyed having lovely massages myself! I would recommend this as a holiday with a difference. I have written about the incredible healing powers of grasses especially Wheatgrass and Barley grass under Articles. Do have a read as it could help to significantly improve your health.

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  • Colour Energy WorksColour Energy Works So I'm laid up with a broken foot forcing me to slow down and rest. I've been using good old fashioned remedies to speed the healing process. Ice and arnica have helped the bruising. I've also blended up herbs for poultices especially comfrey otherwise known as knit one. I'm using organic aromatherapy's beautifully fragranced knit one cream and earth star to keep me grounded. Homeopathic remedies have included arnica aconite symphytum achillea and eupatorium perf. I wouldn't recommend rushing and I should have taken my own advise as my accident happened on the day of the new moon! Looking on the positive side I've got lots of sorting out to do and I can be creative without guilt. The sunshine is very healing too so looking on the bright side! July 15, 2014 5:38 pm