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Spring Energy Tip. Expel the Venom

Energy Tip: 
Balance the Rhythm of Spring

Expel the Venom!

 The energy of spring is about manifestation and moving forward.  Spring is a great time to rid yourself of anything that holds you back.  In the olden days, people ate bitter greens to help remove toxins that accumulated over the winter.

In EEM, there’s a great exercise to help remove unwanted energies and make room for new, vibrant energy.  It’s called, “Expelling the Venom” (also called the Blow Out) and is especially effective at balancing the Rhythm of spring to make sure you don’t get stuck or angry.  It only takes a few minutes to do.

When you are feeling stuck, or want to find the righteous anger within you and release it:

  1. Stand with your hands on your thighs, fingers spread, and take a deep breath.
  2. With a deep inhalation, make fists out of your hands and swing your arms out to your sides and complete the circle by bringing them high above your head.
  3. With a loud “Shhhhhhhhhh” as you exhale, bring your fisted hands down swiftly, opening them as they reach toward the ground.
  4. Bring to mind the source of your anger and make your movements quick and forceful. Repeat three times.
  5. For a fourth time, feel your muscles and power unfolding as you slowly and deliberately circle your arms up and then pull your arms down as you exhale.
  6. Repeat until you feel the unbalanced energy dissipate.

Adapted from Chapter 7 of Donna Eden’s Book Energy Medicine, 2008 Tarcher/Penguin.


Theta Healing Intuitive Anatomy Farnham

I have just completed 3 weeks of intensive training in Theta Healing Intuitive Anatomy and can now offer readings as a Theta Healing Therapist. It can help you to take responsibility for your own healing and get to the root cause of what underlies your problem. Negative beliefs and emotions can cause blockages in our energy flow. This method is quick and makes huge changes using the Theta brainwave to access the energies of the Creator of All That Is.This is documented in Vianna Stibal’s book Theta Healing. I have personally found this to be one of the quickest and most profound healing energies that I have studied and it has helped me enormously. For a taster session of one hour I will charge £25 during the month of April only. Ring to book 01252 795423 07889200061.

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  • Colour Energy WorksColour Energy Works So I'm laid up with a broken foot forcing me to slow down and rest. I've been using good old fashioned remedies to speed the healing process. Ice and arnica have helped the bruising. I've also blended up herbs for poultices especially comfrey otherwise known as knit one. I'm using organic aromatherapy's beautifully fragranced knit one cream and earth star to keep me grounded. Homeopathic remedies have included arnica aconite symphytum achillea and eupatorium perf. I wouldn't recommend rushing and I should have taken my own advise as my accident happened on the day of the new moon! Looking on the positive side I've got lots of sorting out to do and I can be creative without guilt. The sunshine is very healing too so looking on the bright side! July 15, 2014 5:38 pm