Pam Burn & Colour Energy Works


Pam’s vision for Colour Energy Works was to create a holistic healing sanctuary where her clients could retreat from their busy lives to de-stress, be re-balanced and to learn about their own unique energy flow. She offers a bespoke, unique treatment plan. Each treatment is client lead but Pam can advise on any healing technique be it physical, mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual. The client is always involved in their own healing and Pam teaches different techniques that the client can use on themselves.

Pam has gained considerable experience with holistic therapies through her training and through experimenting herself with some of the naturopathic techniques she advises on. She is passionate about natural healing methods and has experienced their benefits herself. Every client is an amazing unique being with unique physiology, conditioning, DNA and character. Pam is able to call upon this background in holistic care and lead by the client gently help them to become healthy again in mind, body and spirit. Every session is different. She also has a bank of other like minded professionals she can refer to if need be. The most important thing to her is your well being.

Want a deeper insight into Pam’s training? View Pam’s Formal Qualifications here.

Holistic Therapy
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Homemade Herbal Remedies
Herbs Are Great Healers
Pam & Rod Burn have published a book on the healing plants found in the British Herb Garden.
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Online Resource
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