Colour Therapy

What is Colour Therapy?

Colour therapy is based on the ancient art of using colour and light to treat disease. It can be traced back to the Healing Temples of Light and Colour in Ancient Egypt and Greece. Temples had special healing rooms where the sun dispersed the seven colours of the rainbow onto ill people to rebalance and harmonise the energy centres of the body and in turn the physical body.

What are the principles of Colour Therapy?

The human body absorbs light that is made up of the colour spectrum. Each colour in the spectrum had a frequency, wavelength and energy associated with it and each has an effect on the corresponding chakra. Warm colours vibrate at a faster rate and cooler colours vibrate more slowly. Each chakra is related to a particular gland or major organ, as well as to the more subtle emotional aspects of the chakra system.

We can liken the chakras to coloured batteries. When our batteries are fully charged and flowing we feel good but if they are running on low we feel “off-colour”. If we allow this state to continue we become unwell. The symptoms of disease are a sign that there is a shortage of, or blockage of colour and light in the body. This can be due to many factors in our life such as stress, diet or emotional trauma. Through the application of the correct colour, our batteries are re-charged bringing us back into balance and harmony.

What happens in a consultation?

The therapist will determine which chakras are blocked and will use a variety of techniques to balance and harmonise the free flow of energy in these centres to promote healing. There are many methods employed to do this – kinesiology, dowsing or diagnostic charts are used plus the practitioners own experience and intuition. Sometimes the clients themselves are drawn to certain colours in an intuitive way and this will also guide the therapist. Various means are then used to restore equilibrium in the body. These include; Full spectrum coloured lights which are the most powerful medium employed (This is called chromotherapy); Massage with solarised aromatherapy oils; coloured scarves in the chakra colours placed on the body; colour essences and crystals may be used also.

The client will also be given advice regarding diet or the use of colour solarised water to introduce colour into the body in a natural way. Rainbow colour breathing is a natural, meditative practice that has been employed since time immemorial and may help someone to participate in their own healing. A guided visualisation may be part of the treatment also, employing the healing power of positive thinking. Sometimes Art therapy is helpful too. A full consultation will be taken and the treatment will last approximately 2 hours. For more information on Chakras, click here

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