Energetic Therapies

Reiki is a gentle non invasive therapy working with the energy centres of the body, the chakras and meridians, to promote balance and harmony on every level. “Rei” is universal energy and “ki” is our own life force energy. Pam lays on hands on various points on the body and acts as a channel for an input of pure energy accelerating the body’s natural ability to heal physical and emotional ailments and disease. It is safe and natural and works with many other therapies. Pam has worked with Reiki for fourteen years and can teach and attune people to use it. – Read More

Infinite Balance is another gentle non invasive energy treatment which allows energetic alignment to take place. It particularly helps physical relaxation in the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems as well as deep psychological relaxation. It is particularly useful for deep seated physical and emotional pain and is helpful in speeding post surgery recovery. – Read More

Colour Therapy heals with the visible spectrum of seven colours. Each colour is connected to the chakras and is used to balance and energise the individual. It is a form of vibrational medicine. Pam’s natural intuitive abilities allow her to tune in to the patient and she will use massage, crystals, sound, lights, solarised waters, oils, meditations, homeopathy and essences to create more flow and balance. – Read More

Energy Medicine is where the client is taught self help energy techniques involving the chakras and meridians to create good health in their own lives. It is very empowering and easy to learn allowing someone to learn about their own energy flow and take control of their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) may be suggested as a tool to use every day to help the client develop an awareness of emotional blocks and a greater relationship with their physical body and the inter-relationship of the two. Simple energy/ muscle testing techniques are used.

Shamanic Homeopathy is a non classical form of homeopathy. Pam will take a full consultation and will tune into your energy to sense where any blocks may originate and will send healing to that area. She may use shamanic techniques that she intuits may be helpful. She will then suggest remedies, herbs and essences that may be of help in your healing journey. This is a form of natural energy healing that can bring emotional, mental and spiritual blocks to the surface. She will always help and mentor you should you need this. – Read More

Theta Healing is a form of healing founded by Vianna Stibal whereby the practitioner, by digging questioning and energy testing hopes to get to the root cause of the problem of their client (be it emotional, physical or mental) and then uses a form of meditation using the Theta waves of the brain to tap into the power of the Creator of All That Is (or Universal Life Force) to help the person heal; a kind of modern day shamanism. The client is energy tested using simple techniques to see if a shift has occurred. Links can be made and an awareness of the root limiting belief, or root emotional block can cause a healing to take place and energy to flow once more. It is safe, quick, effective and empowering for the client.

If you wish to know any more regarding any of the above therapies, or to book an appointment, contact Pam.