Bespoke Holistic Therapies

Tailor Made Treatments

As a client you can come to ColourEnergyWorks for any treatment you choose. However many of Pam’s existing clients leave the treatment plan to Pam. She will take a full consultation in order to consider your physical, emotional and mental state and then can assess your needs. For example you may choose to have a massage with reflexology but Pam may also suggest nutritional changes, homeopathy or EFT if you have an emotional issue. The treatment then becomes entirely custom to the individual, catering to your needs. Her primary concern is to help you to find equilibrium and balance.

Pam’s disciplines fall into two main categories, Physicial therapies & Energetic therapies. Use the links below to learn more about the different treatments on offer.

Physical Therapies

You can read more about individual Physical therapies such as massage, MLD & reflexology here.

Energetic Therapies

Pam’s Energetic Therapies include Reiki, Colour Therapy & Shamanic Homeopathy. To lean about all of the Energetic Theapies on offer please see a complete treatment list here.

If you wish to know any more regarding any of the above therapies, or to book an appointment, contact Pam  on 01252 795423 or 07889200061