Pure Collection Birthday Event: Thursday 4th May

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Crafted from the world’s finest cashmere, Pure Collection offers timeless luxe pieces with a beautifully understated British twist.

Come and celebrate our second birthday with us in Guildford Surrey and treat yourself to a little pampering.
Enjoy our special birthday offer of £25 off all cashmere over £100
Browse the summer collection with a glass of champagne and cake for every customer
There will be exclusive goody bags for the first 30 customers
The focus of the day will be all about you and how to look and feel good. We will have Pam Burn from Colour Energy Works in store to offer tailored advice on how colour can enhance your mood and wellbeing and our style advisors will be on-hand to help you find your perfect summer colour.

Tel 01252 795423 07889200061

Healing first aid kit for Winter

I’m putting together a kit for my grown up kids who have both suffered with flu this year and who realise now that proprietry drugs you buy from the pharmacy simply suppress symptoms and don’t support your body to ” heal” Dr mercolas site is an amazing resource but I also recommend the following sites.

For supplements prime directive from safe remedies, Life drink from Terra Nova, supplements from Robert Redfern
Herbs from the amazing Alan Hopking and Herb active and Tonic herbs from Lionhearted herbs.
Creams and lotions from Neals Yard. Also aromatherapy oils
Homeopathy from Helios. 

More and more research is emerging that bacteria and virus’ are becoming resistant to antibiotics. They mutate and are intelligent. Building a strong immune system is becoming more important. Don’t suppress symptoms. Or they will emerge elsewhere in the body. Build using natural foods and herbs. When I’ve compiled specific things to get for your own home pharmacy I will repost. 😊


Blue Lights in Rail stations.

A rather exciting morning! Ive just been interviewed by Anne Diamond on BBC Radio Berkshire. Network Rail have decided to put blue lights into their stations to help prevent suicide attempts. Blue is a calming and soothing colour and whilst you may not use it therapeutically on a severely depressed person, it could calm someone who is agitated enough to want to take their own life. Even if it buys some time for an intervention to be made and one life was saved that would be fantastic.This is yet another way that colour is used in everyday life.Read the article in the Daily Mail. Lets hope that in the future the statistics will show that the lights have helped.


If anyone is interested in having a colour therapy session ring me on 01252 795423. 07889200061

Reiki 1 attunement

I am having a Reiki 1 attunement here next week. Monday and Tuesday 10am to 2pm. Cost £125 which includes a workbook and ongoing mentoring. Please contact me for more details and if you would like to learn how to use this beautiful therapy and healing in your life. Telephone 01252 795423 or 07889200061.

Fairy grotto Tilford Cottage Garden

I have spent the past few weeks involving myself in the garden doing what I do best…. Interfering! I enjoy sweeping, clearing, weeding, tidying, creating and suggesting changes. We now have a beautiful seating area outside Rods studio where we can sit with a glass of wine beside the beautiful new outside fire for when the evenings become chill. Our friend Vincent Jack made the beautiful organic looking fire which has already been christened. (Commissions taken) . I really enjoyed sourcing all the miniature things for the grotto and reconnected with my inner child. That little girl who enjoyed playing with dolls and fairies and tiny things. Magical! My courtyard is also revitalised with new paving and pots and beautiful chairs and a mirror. Rod has also created a wonderland with all his found objects, stones, wood, shells and pebbles. The herbaceous border is a riot of colour and fragrant beauty and the roses are magnificent. It warms the heart to see how nature can recover after the ravages of the winter. We can look at the pictures of the flood and see how far up the water came in the greenhouses and be thankful for the warm balmy days of summer and lush growth. Visitors comment on the fun and healing energy in the garden and we hope to welcome you this weekend … In spite of the weather. We open 10.30 to 4 this Saturday and Sunday and Friday eve 6.30 to 9. Tel 01252 795423.

Essence Workshop in June Colourenergyworks.

I would love to run a one day essence workshop in June. I could run it on 12th June, 17th June or 27th June (fnew moon). You would learn about the healing power of essences, how water is a magical healing substance, and how to make your own essence within the healing energies of Tilford Cottage Garden. The flowers and herbs here are at their most vibrant and magical. The workshop would run from 10am to 3pm. You would receive a booklet and would make your own essence after experiencing a channelled meditation. Cost is £55 and would include a beautiful bottle to hold your essence. Lunch would be shared.Please ring me to book on 01252 795423 or 07889200061 asap. There is only space for 4 people.

Pricing at Colourenergyworks.co.uk

I find it easier to charge for my time than to make different charges for various treatments. Treatments tend to be holistic so different therapies are suggested to help you to become more balanced. I charge £40 per hour. You can choose the duration and please let me know how much time you would like at the time of booking. Extras include homeopathic remedies, essences and facials.
Tel 01252 795423 Many Thanks Pam

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Astrological challenges in April.

This month will be a challenging time with the Grand Cross and the new and full moon in April. It is worth exploring what this means and there are some good web sites out there such as Steve Judd astrologer and universal life tools based in Australia. The theme is Change and this can be viewed as beneficial or difficult! Read about your sign on Steve Judd’s site. Knowledge is power and if we have a greater wider understanding of what the bigger picture is , it can help us to be more centred and empowered to face our own challenges and changes. What may seem to be difficult can be viewed as a positive later if we have a higher perspective. Remember though that the death of the old can be the birth of the new! I’ll write more on this theme over the coming month. In the meantime have a look at the changes to my website! New pics and new articles plus new info on my essences which I am excited to introduce.All of this is thanks to Dave Cox (photographer.)

Updated website.

I have been quiet for some time due to the awful winter weather and having no internet or phone for a while. Then I went in search of the sun to top up my Vitamin D levels! I’m now back from Spain and excited to announce my new look website! The format has changed somewhat thanks to Dave but its still me.

Over the years I have found that in spite of my training in many different therapies clients all wanted a holistic approach and sometimes didn’t know what treatment or advise they wanted. So now that is what I offer. Each treatment is tailored to the individual depending on what they wish to heal. Sometimes it may be an emotional problem and energy work such as tapping or Reiki would help. Sometimes it’s more physical and even though every part of us is interwoven, the main focus would be on nutritional or homeopathic advise. Very often massage or reflexology is included to de-stress and a guided mediation can be part of that. It is always client led but I usually send someone home with homework to do as no one can heal you but yourself. I can merely guide you and be a willing ear.

I do have lots of knowledge picked up from my own healing journey and that is what I’m passionate about. Passing on the more natural holistic advise that is readily available from nature. I also have a newer price structure. My charges have remained the same for a long time in spite of my training but if you buy a block of treatments either for yourself or as gifts it will be cheaper.
Any feedback is always welcome. I look forward to meeting you.