Pam will be running more courses soon and will be posting information on a new range of Colour Flower Essences that she has developed.These should be available to buy online soon.

Reiki 1 and 2 attunements are available. Tel 01252 795423 07889200061.

Pam will be running a workshop on Making an Essence soon. Please ring to express an interest or to book a place. It will run from 10am to 3pm and will cost £55 including all materials and a beautiful bottle of your own essence made within the beautiful garden at Tilford Cottage. A shared lunch between participants is also included. There are 6 places available.

I would love to run a course teaching interested people about energy and how they can use simple techniques for health and in their homes. Subjects covered would include:

Energy techniques: The chakra system; meridians; crystals; essences; herbs; homeopathy; numerology; using colour; feng shui; astrology;tapping techniques for friends and family, meditation techniques. If you are interested please ring me. It would run weekly either on a Saturday morning for 2 hours or during the week, probably for 6 weeks initially. The cost would be £20 per session. Min 6 people. Bring your friends for some fun and learn something new. Tel 01252 795423 07889200061.

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