Physical Therapies

Massage: Pam is trained in a number of massage therapies including Swedish, Deep tissue, No Hands and Hot Stone massage which all help to move toxins out of muscle, to relax and unwind the mind and generally de-stress.  – Read More

Physical Therapies TextManual Lymphatic Drainage Massage or MLD is specifically targeted at patients with cancer or those who have oedema because lymph nodes have been removed. It is extremely gentle and delicate but wonderfully soothing and relaxing as well as very beneficial for health.

Indian Head Massage specifically targets the head, scalp and neck and shoulders where most of us store tension. The face is gently massaged and Marma points are pressed to drain lymph and release tension particularly in the TMJ.  – Read More

Hot Stone Massage is an all round favourite. Wonderfully nurturing, soothing hot basalt stones work into tense, sore muscles relaxing and soothing tired bodies and minds. The warmth allows the muscles to let go of stress and tension and allows the full absorption of the healing properties of the essential oils to penetrate and moisturise the skin. You leave feeling calm and grounded.  – Read More

Aroma-Therapeutic Facial Massage incorporates deep cleanse, scrub, tone, clay/mud mask and lymphatic drainage massage of face, neck and shoulders using specially blended natural oils, hydrolats and creams suitable for individual skin types. It is nurturing and anti-aging.

Reflexology is good for promoting over all good health. Reflex points on the feet are gently massaged and energy blockages are released allowing the body to be restored to a balanced state.  – Read More

Hopi Ear Candles is used as a modern alternative to ear syringing. It helps to relieve headaches, sinus problems, migraines, rhinitis, tinnitus, hay fever, chronic colds and excessive ear wax build up. A massage of the head, scalp, neck and shoulders is also part of the treatment. Energetically it helps with over worry, stress, anxiety and insomnia.  – Read More

If you wish to know any more regarding any of the above therapies, or to book an appointment, contact Pam.