Infinite Balance

What is Infinite Balance?

Infinite Balance

Infinite Balance

This treatment came into being 7 years ago after my Reiki Master, Jill Roberton found that light pressure applied to certain points on the body allowed energetic alignment to take place. The alignment created not only physical relaxation in the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems, but a psychological relaxation also. Balance or homeostasis was the result.

A number of Jill’s students (myself included) have been refining and developing the treatment ever since. The adaptations for the treatment became numerous but we discovered that good energy flow was the key in helping the reduction of physical and mental suffering. The points that are used have a profound effect connecting with chakras deep within the body.

These deep chakras (Sanskrit for Wheels of Light) allow the energetic clearing and balancing between our body systems. When the body has total harmony of Mind, Body and Spirit, homeostasis occurs, which is the state necessary to create good health and a sense of well being. The balance points integrate all the energy centres, pathways and auric bodies as well as working with sacred triangles that act as an energetic scaffold to the physical body.

Clients benefiting from the basic balance will be those suffering from muscular, skeletal or nervous system conditions of the body. This does not mean that many and other various other disorders cannot find comfort from this treatment.

What can Infinite Balance help?

- Muscular/ joint/ nerve disorders / diseases
- It helps to regain movement and flexibility
- It helps physical recovery following surgery or accident
- It helps to overcome emotional pain
- It helps with fear, anxiety and stress
- It promotes a feeling of well-being and balance
- There are no contra-indications to treatment.

Ring Pam on 01252 795423 to try a treatment or to inquire about training in this wonderful, natural healing therapy.

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